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En las últimas conferencias donde hablamos sobre cosas del Menéame, o sitios sociales donde el “voto” genera un resultado o un “premio” comentamos algunos de los problemas difíciles de resolver y que suelen generar mucho trabajo de monitorización o control.

Por ejemplo dos transparencias de la charla de la UEM.

Cualquier sitio que de ventajas, visitas o PageRank está sujeto al “spam” de todas las maneras posibles (en las conferencias contábamos cómo usábamos el karma para reducir el problema). Hoy me pasan por email una explicación detallada de “mafias” organizadas para promover sus sitios en Reddit. Se trata del sitio… no puedo decirlo porque delataría al que me pasó la información :-(. Incluso se paga una cuota de 10 dólares mensuales.

Here’s the email that the Hxxxxxx group uses, to give you an idea. Usually, social media (stumbleupon, reddit and sometimes digg) votes get done on the forum itself. But last week, we all agreed to be online at the same time to swap reddit votes.

It worked well for me – I submitted the X Y Z post. It got about 10 up votes during the hour, and brought in about 1,000 visitors. (The X Y Z post is not a great post though, and once we all stopped voting, regular reddit users started down-voting it. A better post could really get a lot of visitors).

Hxxxxx Weekly Hyper Hour
Every Thursday from 17:00 – 18:00 BST (12:00 – 18:00 EST)

Basic Rules & Principles
The basic idea is to spread a bit of love and hopefully get some Reddit frontpage love. Simple as that. In order to prove that you have actually voted you must also Stumble the submitted article.

What To Do

  1. Add all the people in the group as friends on Reddit.
  2. To minimise our pattern I’d advise you add a few random friends as well.
  3. During the hour check for your friend’s submissions here:


  • Submit at any time during the hour.
  • You can submit as many as you like, but in order to minimise patterns please submit only one per domain.
  • Submissions should be of high quality and be relevant to the Reddit community.
  • If you have time it would be great to submit some random news from CNN, BBC, Reuters etc. to randomise patterns further.

Voting & Commenting
It isn’t going to benefit us if everyone votes up everyone else’s submissions every week at the same time. We’ll get flagged and the whole exercise will be pointless. So …

  • You do not have to vote for every submission during the hour.
  • You do not have to comment on every submission either.
  • Before voting up a story, click through first and then vote it up. While on the story page, thumb up in SU.
  • You are encouraged to vote up other random submissions during the hyper hour.
  • When you do comment, please avoid the ‘me too’ type comment. These are a) obviously spammy and b) don’t help get a conversation going.

Stumble What You Vote Up
Not everyone will have time to leave a decent comment, and since there is no way to see who votes up (or down) on Reddit you should Stumble what you vote up during the hyper hour.

Here’s a complete and up to date list of members. Please add them as friends on Reddit.

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